Braille House writing competition for visually impaired

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The Queensland Braille Writing Association (Braille House) writing competition for legally blind, low and no vision now open. The (Braille House) Dickinson Memorial Literary Competition 2018 theme is Imagine. Entry is restricted to vision impaired Australian residents and entries must be accompanied by an official, completed and signed form.

Submissions can be a short story, poem, song lyrics, limerick, article, blog. Multiple entries are permitted.

Only unpublished works, not on offer for publication before announcement of the awards and not have been recognised in any other competition will be accepted. There are categories to suit all ages. Prize money ranges from $150 to $350

Entries close Friday 31 August 2018. Submissions should be in hard-copy Braille, Simbraille or a Duxbury-readable file. To learn about the history of the competition click on this link: Dickinson Memorial Literary Competition History.

QBWA reserves the right to publish the winning and second place entries in its In Touch Braille Magazine and in a Winner’s publication should Braille House choose to publish one.

For Entry Guidelines and Entry Form visit the Braille House website: