Professional Development at Maranoa Regional Council

Professional Development for library staff

State Library of Queensland (State Library) is offering a full day of professional development (PD) at Maranoa Regional Council and you are invited.

Maranoa was successful in its EOI to host PD and its preference for content is reflected in the PD program.

Effective programming and challenging client techniques is a two part workshop. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore approaches for dealing with challenging client behaviour and how to use the WELCOME toolkit to plan, develop and evaluate community programming.

Content will include:

  • exploring challenging behaviours and triggers;
  • identifying tools and techniques to meet these (from policy to breathing);
  • possible actions / responses;
  • introduction to the WELCOME toolkit;
  • identifying a broad range of potential community partners and project ideas;
  • a hands on workshop to put your programming ideas into action

Download the DRAFT program and visit the Public Libraries Connect Training Calendar for more information


Eventbrite bookings are open so please register today.

Travel Bursary

If you plan on travelling to attend this event why not apply for a Travel Bursary?

The State Library is offering travel bursaries to Councils to allow individuals from regional Queensland public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres to participate in the regional PD events offered by the State Library (or in partnership with the State Library) being held in locations across Queensland.

To apply for a bursary, please complete the relevant application form:

  1. Bursary application form for Independent and Rural Libraries Queensland [PDF, 49KB]
  2. Bursary application form for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Councils [PDF, 49KB]

For more information regarding travel bursaries or PD contact