Small and medium business opportunity to promote through your library

Many libraries are supporting their local small and medium businesses.  You can promote the Digital Scorecard and Digital Business Workshops by displaying a flyer in your library and also via any promotional channels and networks.

Digital Scorecard

All organisations need to take advantage of the latest technologies and services to prepare and thrive in a Digital Economy. The hard part is knowing where to start.

Organisations can prepare for the opportunities and challenges of operating in the digital economy by using the Queensland Government’s FREE online Digital Scorecard  assessment.

As a follow up to Digital Scorecard assessments, a series of Digital Business Workshops are being scheduled through-out the year that focus on ways to improve digital readiness across these key areas.

Organisations can keep an eye out for upcoming Digital Business Workshops, with around 25 Digital Business Workshops already scheduled across Queensland in June 2018.

Organisations that complete the Digital Scorecard  will be notified when Digital Business Workshops have been scheduled in their region.

Why should you consider promoting the Digital Scorecard: A high percentage of businesses that completed the Digital Scorecard and attended a Digital Business Workshop in 2017-18 suggested,

  • An improvement in their skills and understanding of the digital economy.
  • They will be able to apply the skills they learnt to their organisation.
  • Forecast employment opportunities being created (business growth) as a result of implementing their learnings.

 More information:

To learn more about Digital Business workshops or the Digital Scorecard, email

About the authors:

Jennie Nicholl is a Program Officer, Inclusive Communities and Christine Stucley is a Senior Program Officer, Local Government Coordination.