GLAM is a term most people are becoming more familiar with – and as Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) now has Galleries, Libraries and Museums together in one portfolio it makes sense to look at some shared visions, strategies and practices – indeed develop GLAM PLAN!

It’s a very exciting time here at MBRC as we try to align our thinking, identify common deliverables, and outcomes across these three cultural institutions.  Across these three sectors, historic divides and silos are increasingly being broken down and institutions are collaborating, sharing resources, ideas, staff and collections, and becoming more creative in how they engage their community, activate their spaces and build new audiences – which are in fact priorities across the GLAM sector

MBRC has ten libraries, three museums and three galleries – and our journey for developing a shared plan is firstly to align with MBRC’s overarching goals, and then identify some shared themes across our GLAM sector, which at first glance seem to be: collections, spaces and programs.  Our next stage is to develop some shared visions for each of these themes, followed by shared priorities, and of course, shared outcomes.  It’s early days and we are keen to learn from others who may have already gone down this path and have clear plans and shared visions across their GLAM sector – can you help? Do you know of some good practice? Do contact me – details below.

We aim to bring all MBRC GLAM staff with us on this adventure and are capturing their ideas and input into the plan as well as identifying and providing relevant professional development.  We believe by joining GLAM forces we will provide a stronger collective voice, more articulate in communicating our shared benefits, as well as consolidating our advocacy role in securing internal and external support.  We also hope to have a forum where we can share ideas, skills and good practice – and we have the working title already Wham Bam Thank you GLAM – looking forward to seeing you there!

About the author

Deb Miles, Customer and Cultural Services, Moreton Bay Regional Council

Email or phone: 040 888 3615