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Whether you’re in business or just want to be sure you’re on track with your own finances, try for a healthy budget. State Library of Queensland (State Library) provides free 24/7 access to for all State Library, Queensland public library and IKC members.

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Here are some new and recent financial courses.

Finance and Accounting Tips Weekly 18/6/2018 with Jim Stice Beginner 4 hrs

These finance gurus break down essential accounting and finance concepts into manageable bite-size chunks. Understand balance sheets, debit and credit, company operating cycles and more.

Finance and accounting tips

Personal Finance Tips Weekly Updated 26/6/18 With Jane Barrett Intermediate 45 min.

Build a healthy financial life – one week at a time. From paying off debts, avoiding bad investments and tips for graduates and new parents, this course has something for anyone in need of healthier financial habits.

Personal finance tips weekly

Learning Bitcoin and other Cryptocurriencies 15/5/2018 with Tom Geller Appropriate for all 1 hr 15 min

Find out what Bitcoin is, learn to buy and sell; mining Bitcoin, about other Cryptocurriencies and the future of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin graphic

Economic Indicators Weekly 25//6/18 with Jason Schenker  Appropriate for All 1 hr

Economic Indicators impact your job, your investments and retirement savings. This course breaks down a key economic indicator each week. Learn how these indicators impact the global market and your own wallet.

Economic indicators weekly

Investment Evaluation 19/6/18 with Yash Patel   Intermediate  2 hrs

Make more informed financial choices with some simple statistical techniques. Learn about investment types; present, future and terminal values; and pros and cons of the alternatives.

Man measuring dollar growth graph

Learning QuickBooks Online 10/10/2017 with Bonnie Biofore   Beginner  4 hrs

Get up and running with QuickBooks online and manage your business finances in the cloud. Learn to set up customers online, pay bills online, collect money earned; run performance reports; reconcile bank statements and more.

Excel for Corporate Finance Professionals 29.5/2018 By Michael McDonald Intermediate. 2 hr 31 min

Learn to leverage this powerful tool to pick corporate investments, determine your firm’s cost of capital and perform operational budgeting.

Finance Foundations Risk Management 23/10/2017 Beginner 1 hr 30

Learn nine types of corporate risk; measure and monitor risk; and risk management solutions. If you want to set up a Risk Management Program in your organisation or just recognise and manage risks better, this course if for you.

Financial Record Keeping 14/2/18 Jim Stice   Appropriate for All   2 hrs.

Create a qualitative business plan; capture basic business data; prepare financial reports for auditors, investors and other outside parties.

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