Let’s Play House is the new theme in the State Library under 8’s play space

The play based space for under 8s at The Corner at State Library of Queensland (State Library) has had a theme makeover. The new theme is Let’s Play House.

Let’s Play House is inspired by the home in the centre of the Lifestyle exhibition on now at the State Library. The theme explores all the ways play happens inside the home. Developed by Young People and Families and the First 5 Forever teams, Let’s Play House celebrates the First 5 Forever message to Talk, Play, Sing and Read with your child every day.

Girl playing in a cardboard TV prop

The TV, just one of the great props in the Let’s Play House theme

The play space at State Library is reset three times each year to activate play based learning with fresh and engaging experiences for young patrons. Theme changes provide an opportunity for children to discover new knowledge, interactions and vocabulary.

Baby playing on car prop

Young visitor driving the family car in the new play space at the State Library

Let’s Play House acknowledges that there is no more crucial time to have a secure and loving home environment than in the formative years of childhood. The home is the very centre of the child’s world. It’s where they take their first steps; speak their first words and where the most important people they know live.

Egg carton boat prop

The egg carton boat sets sail in the new theme

The home is full of opportunities for children’s playful learning and Let’s Play House looks to amplify, and embellish the everyday to capture the imagination of all. Let’s Play House is a celebration of our homes and the wonderful and wacky play adventures we can have with our favourite people within them.

The Corner play space is open every day from 10am – 3pm. There are facilitated arts activities with resident arts workers based on the theme in the play space every day from 10am-12noon.

Does your library change the theme in your children’s space? Why not think about adding some of these ideas to your under 8s play space?

Ten Queensland public libraries were recently successful in their EOI to host a State Library Play Space in their library. If you were not successful this time, consider submitting your expression of interest at the next round. For information contact ypf@slq.qld.gov.au