What if loaning a tablet in your library was as easy as borrowing a book?

How many of your library cupboards have various iPads, tablets and cables not being utilized due to updates, battery levels or privacy concerns?

A new product called the Hublet Tablet Management System is making loaning a tablet as easy as a book! This new service aims to broaden the library offering and provide a more complete and versatile service for library members and staff. The intelligent dock does all the hard work including, charging, updating and physically securing the tablet to the dock.

The Hublet will ensure your tablets are always ready for library members or staff to;

  • access digital newspapers and magazines, e-books and other electronic materials easily available
  • manage tablets for workshops, events, internet browsing and general use
  • provide access to the internet and digital services for the whole community
  • enjoy the content of choice in your favorite corner of the library
  • inform and collect feedback on the library and other public services.

    Bridging the Digital Divide

Libraries have actively developed their service offering during the past few years and digital material plays an increasingly important role.  Cloud based services means access to the internet is more important than ever and in turn means smarter solutions are required for managing internet access in shared spaces.

Privacy and Security

The Hublet Tablet Management System allows library members to loan a tablet as easily as loaning a book.  The intelligent dock manages the data automatically and wipes any personal data after each loan, and then prepares the tablet ready for the next loan in just a few minutes.  User profiles can be set via the management software to ensure the tablets can be quickly and easily changed to suit the need at the time; for example run a senior citizens course in the morning, general internet in the afternoon, and staff management tools when weeding titles from shelves.

Reaching for High Utilization Rate

The Hublet helps libraries to raise the profile of their digital content and make it truly visible in the library.  The goal is to make using the tablets as easy as possible for patrons and most importantly staff.  The tablets are loaned as a self-service (via LMS integration) or used with a pin code.  You can borrow a tablet just by touching the touch screen on the side of the dock and inserting your library card number and personal PIN code.  The dock releases the tablet with the fullest battery for a pre-specified loan period. The tablets connect via Wi-Fi everywhere in the library so the visitor can find a comfortable spot and enjoy the tablet in peace.

For more information about this product contact www.reface.com.au , or if you are attending the Asia Pacific Library and Information Conference on the Gold Coast next week, drop by and talk to staff from Reface Industries in the exhibitors space.