Share our new Vision

Realising our potential: A vision for Queensland public libraries (the Vision) is an exciting way forward for Queensland public library and Indigenous Knowledge Centre staff.

Developed in consultation with library managers and staff, as well as representatives from key government and library associations, the Vision conveys libraries’ role in a network that strives to realise our potential, extend our reach, embed local outcomes, and build a future focused workforce.

Feedback from the consultation process indicated there was a desire for State Library of Queensland (State Library) to lead the way in articulating the future for libraries in Queensland.

The Vision supports your library plans and strategies already in place, and can help you to identify your strengths and challenges as you continue to plan ahead.

State Library wants to help you realise the Vision in your community and is currently developing a plan to support its implementation through the distribution of grants, professional development and other state-wide initiatives.

Geoff Strempel

Geoff Strempel, Acting Director State Library of South Australia, learns more about the new vision for Queensland public libraries at the Asia Pacific Library and Information Conference on the Gold Coast this week.

Share your ideas below for how State Library can support your library to bring the Vision to life.

Find out more about the development of the Vision and download it from Public Libraries Connect.