Kanopy – films with a global perspective

Kanopy is available for all Queensland public library, Indigenous Knowledge Centre (IKC) and State Library of Queensland members. Offering  what  the  New  York  Times  calls  a  garden  of  cinematic  delights,   Kanopy  showcases  more  than 30,000  of  the  world’s  best  films.

The world in film

With  the  motto  of  “thoughtful  entertainment,”  Kanopy  provides  patrons  with  access  to  films  of  unique  social  and  cultural  value;  films  that  are  often  difficult   or  impossible  to  access  elsewhere, and  programming  that  features  diversity,  with  a  wide  array  of  foreign  language  films  and  films  on  race,  and  current  affairs.

Viewers can choose from over 500 international films from Spain; France, Germany, Italy, Middle East, Japan, Africa, Russia, China, Scandinavia, Korea and more. All international films have closed captions in English.


Languages include:

There are films available in over 60 languages including: German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguesa, Chinese, Danish, Hebrew, Korean, Dutch, Persian, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Yoruba, Catalan, Finnish, Albanian, Bengali, Cantonese, Croatian, Zulu, Pidgeon English Songhay, Kurdish, Latvian and more!!

International documentaries

Documentaries on subjects such as Ethnicity and Identity, Politics and Current Affairs, and Religion and Philosophy make up some of the hundreds of documentaries available. Other documentary topics include:

Faces Places

Global studies and languages

There are over 200 ESL and Language films includes: Learning Spanish; Greek 101; Conjugating Verbs; Pidgeon the voice of Hawaii; Life and Death Language Preservation. English as a second language courses include Learning British English for Kids and American English for Kids.

Indigenous studies

Choose from over 700 films about Indigenous peoples of the world from Australia, North America, Asia, Africa, South America and more.

Human rights

Human rights film topics include Fighting for Human rights in America, Women’s rights, Immigrant rights, civil rights, Global anti-apartheid movement and more.

Coming of Age

Kanopy support

Find a link to Kanopy support at the foot of the webpage with instructions for Enabling Closed Captions, Subtitles, and Transcripts.

Discover the full range of multicultural resources on the Kanopy website.

For assistance contact eresources@slq.qld.gov.au