Tumble Book Library has titles in Spanish and French

Tumble Book Library is a database especially for children and available for free for all Queensland public libraries, Indigenous Knowledge Centres and State Library of Queensland members.

Tumblebooks is another great featured resource for Queensland Multicultural Month with more than 120 ebooks in Spanish and French.

Tumble Book Library logo

There are over 1000 titles for grades K-6, including animated, talking picture books, read-along chapter books, national geographic videos, non-fiction books, and playlists. The collection also features graphic novels.

It’s created by taking existing children’s books, adding animation, sound, music and narration to produce electronic children’s books you can read, or have read to you. There are also videos, language and learning and puzzles and games.

Drole de papa book coverEl sueno de chocolate

Above: A great range of French and Italian titles on Tumble Book Library

To start reading your language click on the Language Learning tab on the home page. Click on a title to reveal a plot summary and more details including author and title as well as the Tumble Time and Reading Level.

You can enjoy your selected title online or download the app and enjoy on your preferred device. You can add your title to favourites, create a playlist or, where available, play a game based on the title.

Visit the Help page for assistance and Tumble Admin for marketing material such as banners, book marks, icons and buttons.

Need assistance? Contact eresources@slq.qld.gov.au