Innovation and idea generation with

Ever wondered how to get more out of a service you provide or make a product you offer more popular? Not sure how to work together as a team to harness your ideas? Now you can master these skills with the course Ideation for Marketers.

Innovation and ideas with Lynda

If you thought ideation or brainstorming was just your team getting together with some butchers paper and a few coloured pens, watch this course and develop an understanding of the science behind ideation to really move your ideas and creative thinking forward.

Learn the definition of ideation, how it works, and some basics on how to run a successful brainstorming session.

You will also find out about more than a dozen ideation techniques, including mind mapping, storyboarding, card sorting, and more. These practical methods will make a difference to the way you and your team work together.

Ideation for Marketers runs for less than 1 hour and in that time you will discover:

  • how to keep your marketing fresh
  • how to generate new ideas and approaches to keep your audience engaged
  • techniques you can use to elevate individual and team ideation sessions

By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the tools to generate fresh and compelling marketing ideas. You can also use these steps to solve other issues in your work and home life. The course offers a practical methodology to problem solving and constructive team work.

Other courses on a similar theme include: Business Innovation Foundations; Creative Thinking; Marketing Foundations: Growth Hacking; Getting Your Ideas Approved; and Service Innovation.

 Innovation and ideas with Lynda

Let your council, business owners and community groups know that has courses that can work for them. is available for free from State Library for all Queensland public library, Indigenous Knowledge Centre and State Library of Queensland members. Watch Ideation for Marketers for some good ideas.