World Space Week launch 4–10 October

World Space Week is an excellent opportunity for organizations across the world to come together and help collectively inspire and stimulate interest in space, space sciences and education.  Participate in the celebration of World Space Week on 4 – 10 October and join the largest annual public space event on Earth. The 2018 theme is “Space Unites The World”.

World space week October 4-10

Why run an event?

World Space Week is a great opportunity to help inspire and stimulate your community’s interest in space, STEM sciences and education. You can use World Space Week to:

  • reach out to prospective members
  • engage with your local community
  • help raise the profile of space-related organisations and activities
  • have fun, and get your members engaged

Here’s how to celebrate

Choose any space related activity from a drawing activity for a few toddlers to an all-week lecture program. Programs can be for the public, employees, council, the media, teachers, or students (see materials for schools). Your event can be related to space, astronomy, sci-fi, rocket science or space-related science or technology Here are some general event ideas.


Use the World Space Week name and logo in your publicity materials. Free posters available in more than 20 languages and logos are available from the website. To help develop a strong ‘Festival Brand’, co-brand your events with “World Space Week”.

World Space Week October 4-10, 2018

Register your event!

To make it an official World Space Week add your event to the global calendar. Promote your event by sending a press release to your local newspaper or TV/radio station, and announce it on social media, using the World Space Week hashtag  #WSW2018. Add a link to the World Space Week page on your webpage with the official logo. Please send a copy of your press release to your national coordinator.

You can also download the poster file and use it to create your own event poster.

Enjoy World Space Week in your community with the information and resources available.

The theme for 2019 will be “The Moon: Gateway to the Stars.”