National Air and Space Museum for World Space Week

Why not celebrate World Space Week with a virtual trip to the National Air and Space Museum situated in Washington DC but with a wealth of resources online.

National Air and space museum

Resources include:

  • Highlighted space story – changes regularly.
  • Top Stories – regular stories on an aspect of flight

Click on the Learn link for more:

  • Stem in 30 – Fast-paced webcasts designed to engage students in science, technology and math in 30 minutes.
  • Archived shows include: How do we Know What’s Out there?; The Psychology Of Long Term Space Flight; and We Choose to Go To The Moon.

STEM in 30

Explore highlighted topics such as: Women in Air and Space History

See a great range of Educator resources including

  • Online activities and conferences
  • Lecture Archive
  • How things Fly
  • Teaching posters and guides such as: Living and Working in Space; and Explore the Universe Teaching Package; Destiny in Space.

Living and Working in SpaceExplore The Universe Teaching Packet

Past exhibitions including: A New Moon Rises; Outside the Spacecraft, 50 years of Extra-vehicular activity; and Spirit and Opportunity, 10 Years Roving across Mars.

Live webcasts including: The Historical Quest to See the End of the Universe… or it’s beginning; Dreaming Big, Innovations in Space; and more.

Regional Planetary image facility An extensive collection of images from planetary missions.

What’s New in Aerospace Archived presentations including: What’s Next in Search for Habitable Planets; Eclipsapalooza; Sewing Machines, Ballons and Rocket Fuel; .

An event in your library

Help promote a love of science in your library and let your community know about this great site. Print some posters, include a web link in your newsletter or add some details to your website, hold a space quiz night, or invite your community for a star gazing telescope event. Start organising your event now!

Stay connected

You don’t have to go to DC to get cool content or interact with experts. Join an upcoming live program, talk to NASM via social media or sign up for the newsletter.