Design-Led Innovation in Public Libraries Professional Development highlights

Amelia Benefield attended Professional Development in Hinchinbrook Shire Council in July and here are her thoughts on the experience:

Amelia Benefield, Tablelands Regional Council.

Amelia Benefield, Tablelands Regional Council.

The highlights of the Design-Led Innovation in Public Libraries program were the idea generation sessions between library staff. During one such session, the library staff at my table explored various questions including how we might reach non-library users in our communities, how we might establish a café in the library, how we might increase youth engagement within our libraries, and how we might attract working members of our community after work hours (…by implementing a free pizza and beer movie night!).

I enjoyed the energetic delivery of the presenters from the State Library of Queensland, Adam and Chenoa. I also thought the use of the online tool for facilitating discussion was a smart idea, and one that could be used internally to facilitate discussion among our own library staff at Tablelands Libraries.

As with any State Library professional development event, it was wonderful to connect with library staff from various regions of Queensland, including staff from library shires I had never had contact with before. It is inspiring to see what we are achieving on a state-wide level within libraries and to see library staff working together to find solutions for both current and future communities.

The templates provided for implementing Design Thinking techniques within libraries were very useful and I foresee many opportunities where I will be able to use them to help generate, refine and implement new ideas in library programming, service delivery, library layout and library promotions.

About the author

Amelia Benefield is a Library Programs and Promotions Officer at Tablelands Regional Council.

Please note, resources from the Design-Led Innovation in Public Libraries workshop are available for download from the Public Libraries Connect Training Calendar.