Fun Palace at The Edge: unique professional development opportunity, 3-7 October 2018

Help promote libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKC) as the natural home for budding artists and scientists.

Fun Palace work placement − State Library of Queensland

Get involved in a unique professional development opportunity, 3-7 October 2018 with The Edge

The 2018 Fun Palace at State Library of Queensland (State Library) is being delivered at The Edge on the 6 October from 10am-3pm and we want to offer a unique professional development (PD) opportunity to four public library or IKC staff from across Queensland.

This is your opportunity to learn-by-doing through guided involvement in the planning and delivery of State Library’s 2018 Fun Palace.

On the day we are hosting a wealth of workshops and engagement activities at The Edge that are predominantly aimed at children, young people and families. This is a great opportunity for PD and of course we will support you through the preparation process so you have everything you need to succeed.

What is Fun Palace?
Fun Palace is an annual, free, international celebration of culture at the heart of community, using arts, science, craft, technology, digital, heritage and sports activities as a catalyst for community engagement. It is an international phenomenon with hundreds of events taking place around the world.

The Fun Palace Manifesto
We believe in the genius in everyone, in everyone an artist and everyone a scientist, and that creativity in community can change the world for the better. We believe we can do this together, locally, with radical fun – and that anyone, anywhere, can make a Fun Palace.

What’s on offer?

As a PD Participant you will receive:

  • a travel bursary, covering travel and accommodation costs from 3-7 October 2018
  • webcast/teleconference training in using the SLQ Wiki and in Project Management leading up to the event (1 hour)
  • a one-on-one over-the-phone activity planning session with The Edge programming staff (1 hour)
  • email and over-the-phone support preparing for the activity
  • face-to-face induction and facilitation training /support on arrival at State Library
  • coalface experience delivering a supervised, resourced, repeatable and scaleable STEAM activity to the public at State Library’s 2018 Fun Palace
  • SLQ Wiki training
  • hands on training from The Edge on how to deliver the activity
  • a Machinery Induction in the Fabrication Lab at The Edge on the 7 October 2018 where you will learn how to use the Laser Cutter
  • a webcast/teleconference reflection and evaluation session with The Edge team after conclusion of Fun Palace (1 hour)
  • one additional opportunity to meet with your SLQ team of choice (ie, The Corner, Family History, Business Studio)

We will expect you to:

  • set up and run a public activity for the duration of Fun Palace on 6 October 2018, under the guidance of The Edge staff
  • participate in all scheduled activities during leading up to the Fun Palace from 3-6 October 2018
  • submit an activity idea for next year’s Fun Palace via the SLQ Wiki
  • submit an acquittal after the event by:
  1. writing a blog post for the Public Libraries Connect blog
  2. submitting a financial acquittal on a template supplied by State Library
  3. posting your learnings on delivering the activity to the SLQ Wiki

To Apply

To submit an application for this unique professional development offer, please complete the application form and return it by Tuesday 18 September 2018 by email to the Local Government Coordination team:

For more information contact the Local Government Coordination Team: 07 3842 9049,