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The Corner at State Library of Queensland is a thoughtfully structured play space for children under eight. The play space at State Library is reset three times each year to activate play based learning with fresh and engaging experiences for young patrons. Theme changes provide an opportunity for children to discover new knowledge, interactions and vocabulary.

Why not use each new Corner theme to refresh or enhance the play space in your library? You could also print the book lists for parents or use the themes for a story event.

Corner Toolkit

Visit The Corner Toolkit webpage to find a range of book lists based on the current theme Let’s Play House. Read about the theme on the blog post. Book lists on the theme include Let’s Play House; Fun at home – children and fun at home; Houses – all kinds of places people live; Animal houses – animals and their homes; and Far away homes – visiting other places, moving house and leaving home.

Titles are selected from the RLQ online catalogue. If you don’t have these titles why not use the themes as prompts for selecting stories from your own collection?

The Gum family finds home by Tania McCartney and Christina BoothThe dress-up box by Patrick Guest and Nathaniel Eckstrom

Above: Some of the titles in the Let’s Play House book list.

We highlight special events which you may also wish to celebrate in your library. Visit the website to find information sources on these events including the current special event World Space Week. There are book lists, blogs and links to websites with related activities you can use in your library.

World Space Week: 4-11 October 2018
• World Space Week blog
• Star net activity resources blog
• National Air and Space Museum blog
• Space book list
• Resource list

More special events coming soon.

The Corner Toolkit has some great resources all in one place for your library play space.
The next theme will commence in December, 2018. Watch The Corner website for more details and please contact for more information.