The Vision in practice

The objectives and enablers of Realising our potential: A vision for Queensland public libraries (the Vision) are evident in practice across Queensland’s network of public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs).

Events such as Western Downs Libraries’ Language to Literacy Conference and Rockhampton Regional Library’s CapriCon Steampunk and Pop Culture Convention are establishing leadership and advocacy capabilities.

Activities for children in Cherbourg, and early and adult literacy initiatives in Zillmere are strengthening libraries’ long-held investment in learning and literacy.

BCC future ready 2

Brisbane City Council is building skills in young people for their future success in the digital economy.

Future ready services are evident in the work of Noosa Libraries’ Cooroy Makerspace, Brisbane Libraries’ young entrepreneur workshops, and Cunnamulla Library’s multi touch hub.

The skills and experience of our workforce are being developed and realised through language activities in Hope Vale, and technology initiatives in Ipswich and Lowood.

These examples are just a small number of the programs, services and other initiatives occurring state-wide. They all show the impact and value of the work occurring across Queensland as libraries and IKCs strive toward becoming fully realised 21st century libraries or library-related hubs.

Read more about the work occurring in libraries and IKCs on The Vision in practice page on Public Libraries Connect.

We’d also love to share how your library or IKC is realising the Vision in practice. Email Local Government Coordination your ideas.

Paroo 3

Cunnamulla Library is providing access to learning and technology otherwise unavailable in the shire.