Fun Palace Minecraft session at The Edge

On Saturday 6 October, Fun Palace 2018 rolled into The Edge at State Library of Queensland (State Library), giving hundreds of kids the opportunity to be an artist and scientist for the day. From crafting cardboard claws to painting with water bombs, from a battle bot championship to shooting marshmallows from catapults, there was something for everyone young at heart.

An interactive Minecraft experience was one of many hits of the day and in the lead up to the event, the Inclusive Communities team virtualized all five levels of State Library within a Minecraft world. Eighty lucky kids, and a few adults, also got to try out their design, discovering engineering and construction skills they didn’t know they had!

These newfound skills were used to extend, shape and repurpose the inside (and outside) of their virtual library building. Taking the opportunity to work together over the day, they managed to totally transform State Library into a futuristic space with automated book returns, internal public transport systems, rollercoasters and jumping castles, even quadrupling the outdoor nature space with its very own Botanical Gardens!

And now that the day is past, all their work will not be lost! Not only are we creating a fly-through video, the Minecraft world will soon be available for anyone to access and add their dream to the virtual State Library.