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Pages from William Ridley Notebook 1855

Image is from the William Ridley Notebook 1855 [OM79-32/17]

The Australian Government Department of Communication and the Arts has announced a funding opportunity that may be to your community for language work or projects, especially in light of the International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019.

Indigenous Languages and Arts Program

The Department of Communications and the Arts is pleased to announce that the 2019-20 Indigenous Languages and Arts (ILA) program grant opportunity is now open.

The ILA program provides funding for projects and organisations that support participation in, and maintenance of, Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and arts.  Grant funding is available to support:

  • projects that contribute to the revival and maintenance of Australia’s Aboriginal languages or Torres Strait Islander languages
  • Indigenous language projects with a specific focus on supporting the career development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to teach, preserve and revive Indigenous languages
  • projects to develop, produce, present, exhibit or perform Indigenous artistic endeavours.

Further information on the 2019-20 ILA grant opportunity including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and a fact sheet can be found on the Department of Communications website at:

The ILA program guidelines can be found on the government’s GrantConnect website at:

We strongly encourage applicants to read the FAQs that accompany the 2019-20 ILA program guidelines prior to submitting an application. The ILA program guidelines, FAQs and fact sheet can be found on GrantConnect website at:

Applications must be submitted by 11:59pm AEST on Friday, 8 February 2019.

“The Aborigines of Rockhampton” from Roth, W. E. (1898-1903)

“The Aborigines of Rockhampton” from Roth, W. E. (1898-1903)

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Des Crump is the Indigenous Languages Coordinator, Queensland Memory, State Library of Queensland.