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Home: a suburban obsession is a State Library of Queensland exhibition showcasing home and the stories within, inspired by one of the largest digitised photographic collections of Queensland houses. Has the exhibition inspired someone you know to want to know more about architecture and design?

Man holding house plan. Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Man holding house plan. Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash has over 1,000 architecture training courses and tutorials on AutoCAd, SketchUp, and Revit Architecture as well as tutorials on drafting, rendering, modelling and other skills for designing a house or building. State Library provides free access to to all Queensland public Libraries, IKCs and State Library members.

Architecture courses

Drafting Foundations with Paul F. Aubin Beginner Jan 2018 2 hrs 15

Explore drafting – technical drawing for architecture, engineering, and product design. Learn essential drafting techniques, analog and digital. Includes learning about drafting equipment and materials, CAD drawing, Adding details, sections, symbols and more.

Strategic Planning and Urban Design Foundations with Marc Asnis  Appropriate for all. October 2018 1 hour

Explores the basics of urban design. Learn how to create a roadmap for growth and design healthier more sustainable neighbourhoods. Learn what urban designers do, why urban design is important, urban design frameworks and more

SketchUp: Modelling Interiors from Photos with Scott Onstott Intermediate October 2018 1 hr 45 min

Use photos and 3D models to bring your designs to life. Learn to use SketchUp Pro, a 3D modelling program to explore new design ideas. Learn to match photos to spatial coordinates, modelling 3D objects from photos, and explore different design scenarios.

Introduction to LEED Certification with Fulya Kocak Gin Beginner July 2018 1 hr 15 min

Learn about the LEED rating system, certification process, and available prerequisites and credits, Basic LEED concepts and categories. graphic of woman walking past office

Grasshopper : Architectural prototyping Intermediate with Walter Zesk  March 2018 2 hrs 30 min

Learn to use Grasshopper to test concepts, predict costs, and aid the architectural proposal process. Includes learning about planning data flow ; finding and wiring components; adding modularity with clusters and more.

Universal Principles of Design William Lidwell Appropriate for al. July 2017   5 hrs 30 min

Explores over 50 core design concepts

Construction Drawing: BlueBeam for the IPad with Jim Rogers Beginner August 2016 1 Hr

Leave the blueprints behind and access, edit and mark up your digital construction drawings anywhere. Learn to sync to your cloud accounts and add photos and videos on the go,

Urbanised with Gary Hustwit Appropriate for all July 2014 2 hrs 30

A documentary about the design of cities looks at the issues and strategies behind urban design and the features of some of the world’s foremost architects, planners and policy makers, builders and thinkers.

Finding the right course

Each course comes with a See Related Courses button. Choose Revit Architecture: Designing a house and be directed to Designing Home Plans with Revit, Sketchup for Set Designs, and more. Too many to choose from? Why not visit a Learning Path with curated sets of courses on specific subjects? The Learning Path on Architecture includes: Stay Ahead on Architecture and Algorithmic Design; 6 courses May 2018 and Become an Architecture CAD Technician 7 courses August 2017, Improve Your Sketchup Skills 8 courses December 2017.

Woman writing on paper next to a laptop

Become an Architecture CAD Technician Learning Path

Woman using a laptop

Improve Your SketchUp Skills Learning Path

Weekly learning option

Don’t have time for a full course?  Why not select a Revit or Autocad Weekly update such as AutoCad Tips and Tricks, Revit Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting or SketchUp Weekly each with regular new tips on the latest software version every week? If you can’t spare the time or don’t have the commitment to learning lots of information at once, this option could be for you. This is a great choice for keeping in touch with the latest updates.

Keep in touch

However you like to learn you can find a suitable course on available free from State Library of Queensland. New courses are added regularly. Keep in touch with available courses via the LinkedIn Learning Blog. Get your community prepared for the year ahead with a range of courses.