Springfield Central Library a huge success for Ipswich community

Steps leading into library, shelving displays with books

Springfield Central Library. Image courtesy of Ipswich City Council.

According to Ipswich City Council, nearly 1,000 people are visiting the new Springfield Central Library every day.  The flagship facility has seen visitor numbers across all Ipswich libraries jump from 141,415 in the April-June quarter to 173,797 for July-September. An average 914 people daily went to Springfield Central Library.

Arts, Social Development and Community Engagement Chief Operating Officer Caroline McMahon said the number of active members across Ipswich Libraries had been boosted by the new $2.8 million facility.

“The opening of Springfield Central Library on 25 August has seen 12 per cent increase in members compared with last quarter, with over 2,200 new members joining this quarter at Springfield alone,” she said.

Numbers jumped from 32,367 in April-June to 36,050 in July-September.

Loans have increased in each quarter compared with the same period of the previous year. A large increase in the July- September quarter reflects the popularity of the new Springfield Central library, with 40,619 loans at that branch from opening on 25 August to 30 September. This represents almost 20 per cent of loans for the Library Service for the quarter.

Ms McMahon said the high level of loans across the service, including at Springfield Central, had been supported by the work of the library’s content development and fulfilment team, based at the logistics hub.

“The team successfully developed and delivered the Springfield Central Library collection on time and ensured that all collection resources were in place and on shelf prior to the official opening of the library.

“Once Springfield Central Library opened there was a continual demand for stock across all areas, but particularly in the children’s areas. The library restocks twice a day to maintain an adequate selection to meet the continuing demand.

“The marketplace selections continue to perform well, with stock continually refreshed to maintain a high level of topical interest to customers. The community at Springfield Central has embraced the marketplace, with high demand for all categories in this collection, as well as ongoing positive comments received by staff about the quality, standard and presentation of this collection.”

Ms McMahon said about 3,200 attended the “fun and engaging weekend program of events and activities for all ages”, including a breakfast talk by Test cricket legend Glenn McGrath.

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This article originally appeared on Ipswich First, and is shared here with permission of Sylvia Swalling, Library Services Manager, Ipswich City Council.