Want to learn more about Design-led innovation in public libraries?

POst it notes used in Design thinking workshops

Want to learn more about Design-led innovation in public libraries?

Why not sign up for a free, full-day workshop at Somerset Regional Council on Wednesday, 30 January 2019, 9am-4pm?

This workshop is designed for public library staff who would like to innovate targeted programming, learn new communication processes and develop new service ideas.

Participants will explore how using design to innovate services can be many and varied; will be led through a Design thinking workshop; and explore possible outcomes for how this might work in their library.  The focus of the workshop is not just about idea development—it will also be about planning the process for executing an idea. For participants, this may mean determining the best way of executing a concept with limited resources or it could mean starting with a small scale roll-out that grows over time.

Content will include:

  • Introduction to Design thinking principles and exploration of how and why design thinking could be used to innovate library services
  • Creative Thinking
  • Pre-workshop Data
  • User Personas
  • Idea Mapping
  • Using data to develop design solutions for innovative public library services

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Visit the Public Libraries Connect (PLC) training calendar for more information and to download the draft program.


Bookings are open. Please register via Eventbrite: https://somersetpd.eventbrite.com.au today.

Travel Bursary: 
If you plan on travelling to attend this event why not apply for a Travel Bursary?

State Library of Queensland is offering travel bursaries to Councils to allow individuals from regional Queensland public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKC) to participate in the regional professional development events offered by the State Library (or in partnership with the State Library) being held in locations across Queensland. Download the relevant application form from the PLC training calendar.

For more information please email lgc@slq.qld.gov.au