Discover Digital Magazines this May

Increase your knowledge of RBdigital Magazines and help your customers get the most out of your library’s online magazine collection – sign up for the RBdigital Magazines webinar on 23 May 2019.

RBdigital Magazines provides online access to a huge range of popular magazines covering topics such as automotive, lifestyle, news, sports and travel.  The RBdigital app is simple to use, convenient and flexible. Customers can check out magazines anytime and keep them for as long as they want.

Join the RBdigital Magazines webinar and learn how to:

  • Access emagazines via RBdigital
  • Download the RBdigital app
  • Understand the difference between the old Zinio app and the new RBdigital app
  • Browse collections by genres
  • Search by title
  • Understand how to interpret search results
  • Access description and details of emagazines
  • Check out a magazine to a PC and navigate around the magazine
  • View My Account details and understand what information is available
  • Customise settings in My Account
  • Access RBdigital help
  • Access promotion materials via the Public Libraries Connect (PLC) promotion webpage including handouts and guides for customers and posters to display in the library

The webinar will use Rural Libraries Queensland (RLQ) examples for emagazines but information will be useful for any library with an RBdigital Magazines subscription.  Register your interest via Eventbrite by 20 May 2019 in order to receive login information.

For more information visit the PLC Training Calendar or email