Extend your reality @ Isaac

In January, immersive reality took over Isaac. By borrowing the Virtual Reality kit, from State Library Queensland, Isaac Libraries were able to facilitate workshops around Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR).

The powerful Alien computer and Vive setup allow for vivid visual effects and interactions as close to reality as commercial technology can take us in a virtual setting, such as venturing through arcade games, repairing droids and creating virtual art worlds. Roller coaster rides in Virtual Reality (VR) leave safety limitations and speed restrictions behind; while artists can step inside their artwork. Some artists have gone so far as to create pocket universes, proving that possibilities are virtually endless. While the sessions run in the Isaac Region were focused on an introductory level, we were also able to investigate 3D design in Virtual Reality, a fascinating application of VR for future workshops.

The Virtual Reality kit also includes google phones and headsets for easy ad hoc sessions. Participants are able to create 360o photographs in Google Street View and animate pictures with Plotagraph (AR). These workshops are great for groups as participants can team up and move around to find the perfect centre for a 360o photo or sit down and decide how their photo is supposed to move using animation tools.

Content the participants created was either made available to participants or deleted off the devices to ensure privacy was protected. Helpful to the Isaac staff was the information provided on the Edge Wiki.

If you would like to book the VR kit to run activities in your library, contact State Library of Queensland via email: ic@slq.qld.gov.au, or phone: 1800 017 114.

Man testing VR Googles

Images courtesy of Isaac Shire Council