The Cultural Diversity Database a great place to find titles for Queensland Multicultural Month

Image: Courtesy of the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature

The National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature

The Cultural Diversity Database is funded and developed by The National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Inc an independent not for profit organisation. The NCACL collects, preserves and shares works by Australia’s children’s book authors and illustrators.

The Cultural Diversity Database offers a comprehensive list of books which foster awareness and understanding of our cultural similarities, differences and experiences.

Resources include picture books, nursery rhymes, plays, verse, short stories, graphic novels, biographies and more.

The Cultural Diversity Database

• includes 340 books aimed at young people from early childhood through late secondary
• concentrates on Australia’s culturally diverse population
• features creators living in Australia
• offers books usually published in Australia

Images: Some titles from the Cultural Diversity Database

Database audience

The database has wide appeal and is useful for parents and caregivers, home schooling groups and teachers, librarians and others working with young people looking for information and quality resources. It’s also a good resource for young people looking for books for reading pleasure and school assignments.

Database features

Audience suggestions feature is based on young people’s age and reading and comprehension levels. Adult guidance is recommended to match books with readers. A future database under development will focus on books by and about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, so these books are generally not included in The Cultural Diversity Database.

Search features

Readers, teachers and librarians can search the database by:

• author, illustrators, titles,
• series, publishers, publication dates,
• audience levels, key concepts,
• links to the Australian Curriculum and Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and
• annotations for each book

With images of the book’s cover, blurbs, publisher details, Australian Curriculum codes, searchable concepts and author details this is a resource every classroom teacher and teacher librarian in Australia needs to know about.

For more information about searching the database visit the Q & A Quick Tips.

The printable flyer can help you promote the Cultural Diversity Database in your community.

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