Voices of War Workshops in Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla Library is passionate about commemorating ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. To ensure these commemorations continued in 2019, especially with our children and young people, Cunnamulla Library enlisted the services of Geoffrey Graham for his Voices of War: An ANZAC Story workshops. There is no better person than Geoffrey to conduct these workshops as Geoffrey starred in the movie The ANZACS and his grandfather was an ANZAC.

Geoffrey proudly wears his grandfather’s ANZAC uniform while he delivers his empowering workshops that portray the conditions suffered by our brave soldiers during the World Wars. With student participation, Geoffrey cleverly uses students to represent allied and enemy countries.

Local schools, including Eulo State School, attended as well as some community members and tourists. The event was initially going to be held in the library but due to the size of the school classes, we held it in the Shire Hall. Three sessions over two days were held with the schools being able to choose their desired time-slot.

During the workshops the winners of our annual ANZAC Competition were presented with the Spirit Award medals that our wonderful partners HMAS Moreton sent. The medals were presented by the Deputy Mayor Cr Suzette Beresford which made the workshops even more special.

Geoffrey Graham, Deputy Mayor Cr Suzette Beresford and recipients of Spirit Award medals.

I would highly recommend these educational, inspiring workshops. We are extremely grateful to State Library of Queensland for the Micro Grant that enabled these workshops to take place.

About the author

Tammy Hickey is the library manager at Cunnamulla Library, Paroo Shire Council.