Animalia (Library Edition) a new state-wide resource for your library

State Library of Queensland announces a new state-wide subscription to Animalia (Library Edition), an interactive digital resource focused on language and literacy for children. Queensland public library, Indigenous Knowledge Centre and State Library of Queensland members have unlimited free access.

Above: Animalia (Library Edition) has more than 15 activities

More than the classic picture book

This exciting and engaging product features every illustration of the classic picture book by Graeme Base in beautiful, zoomable detail. Children and families will still meet Diabolical Dragons, Armoured Armadillo and Crafty Crimson Cats of the published book but with even more ways to engage with the words and characters they love.  

Above: Children will still meet their favourite creatures from the book including the Lazy Lions.

Many ways to learn

Animalia (Library Edition) includes digital versions of the books Read Animalia and The ABC of Flying. There are also 19 activities including Alphabetical Order, Amazing Alliteration, Compare and Contrast, and Vexing Vocabulary.

Children progress through a range of levels as they gain expertise. All the activities focus on learning literacy and language. Memory games, quizzes, fun facts, things to find and other great challenges keep kids coming back for more.

Above: The ABC of Flying: an animated story based on the world of Animalia by Graeme Base and Jenny Feely.

Enjoy Animalia on your favourite device

Animalia (Library Edition) can be downloaded on four platforms:


  1. Download the app. Sign in using the code: slq123 (No need to sign in with your library number)
  2. Connect online to sign in, each time you open the app. Then use the app offline

Learn to use Animalia (Library Edition)

The comprehensive Library support page provides the information you need to help library members get the most out of this product. You can also watch this short demo.


Let your community know about this new eresource and the fun they can have.


For questions about Animalia (Library Edition) not covered on the Library support page please email or