Imaginations sprk’d during Sphero makerspace session

Child using an iPad to roll Sphero robot around Library floor
Engaging with Sphero at Proserpine Library

Innovative tiny tech toys were a hit at the Proserpine Library with the introduction of a Sphero SPRK + workshop at one of their regular Saturday Maker Space sessions. Whitsunday Regional Libraries was given the opportunity to purchase these fun robotic balls through financial assistance received from the Queensland Government via State Library of Queensland’s Realising our Potential Micro Grants program.

The workshop allowed participants of all ages, different backgrounds and socioeconomic demographics to interact, socialise and experience technology they would not normally have access to.

A highlight of the workshop was the imaginative play that resulted from experimenting with the Spheros. Battles in make believe arenas were waged and mazes navigated as imaginations ran wild trying to control these hyper-active robots using commands – a fun and entertaining way oflearning how to code. One participant even used the colours to change the “emotions” of the Sphero allowing them to create their own story through coding.

Multiple health and wellbeing benefits were experienced with participants saying they felt happy, were “brain building” and having fun whilst developing new skills and connecting both “socially and physically” with each other. Positive feedback from the workshops has identified the need to hold more of these STEM sessions in the library and introduce further fun technology – something the Proserpine Library is excited to explore and implement.

About the author

Robyn Batman is the Team Leader of Bowen, Collinsville and Proserpine Libraries. With a wealth of experience in both customer service and library environments, Robyn strives to introduce new and innovative ways in which to connect with the community and enable them to access the library and its myriad services and programs in a variety of different ways.