Two languages added to the Languages Other Than English collection

Telugu and Nepali are two languages recently added to the State Library of Queensland Languages Other Than English (LOTE) collection. LOTE is available for loan to all Queensland public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres.

Telugu is an Indian language ranked fourth among languages of India with 6.93 percent of speakers reported at the 2011 census of India. The Queensland Telugu Association counts around 500 families in Queensland with a Telugu background and an overseas student population with Telugu background with numbers growing rapidly.

Person standing beside library book shelving and holding up two books from the Nepali collection.
State Library staff member Nathan with the new Nepali collection

Nepali is a member of the Indo-Aryan language family, spoken by 12,300,000 in Nepal (2011 census), 2,870,000 in India (2001 census), and 156,000 in Bhutan. The worldwide population of Nepali speakers is estimated at more than 15 million. More than 2,000 people is Queensland speak Nepali (also known as Nepalese).

Telugu and Nepali are available for loan by completing the online request form. Find all titles on the online catalogue.

Connect with your community

The Queensland Multicultural Resource Directory provides details of CALD communities with a comprehensive listing of more than 900 key organisations with multicultural community focus. You can identify the languages spoken in your community with the Queensland Regional Profiles. Select the topic Proficiency in spoken English to see what languages are spoken at homes in your community.

The State Library of Queensland LOTE collection has over 50 languages from Arabic to Vietnamese and more than 50,000 titles for loan. Each language has books for adult and junior. Some languages have other formats including DVDs, large print and music. The list of languages details the formats available.

Person standing in front of library book shelves holding up Telugu collection items
State Library staff member Donna with the new Telugu collection

Refresh your collection now in time for Queensland Multicultural Month in August and celebrate diversity in your community!

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