More great Australian literature book club sets

The story of love, crime, magic, fate, and coming of age, set in Brisbane’s violent working-class suburban fringe is the basis of Trent Dalton’s award-winning novel Boy Swallows Universe. This is one of the unmissable highly readable titles recently added to the book club sets.

Above: Some award-winning titles added to the list of book club sets.

Other titles include the Nowhere Child by Christian White winner of the Victorian Premiers Literary Prize; and Yellow House by Emily O’Grady, winner of the Australian Vogel’s Literary Prize, a powerful novel about loyalty and betrayal, of childhood and choice. Award winning author Melissa Lucashenko‘s book Too Much Lip is a fearless, searing and unvarnished portrait of generational trauma by this popular indigenous author. These are books to get your teeth into.

Book club set list regularly updated

There are almost 300 book club sets available for loan to all Queensland public libraries and IKCs. Let your book club members know these and many other titles are now available for loan. Remember to discard the old book club set list and print out a new list. The list is regularly revised, with unused titles replaced with new ones and some allocated an old book club set number.

Above: Plenty of new titles to choose from including books made into films.

What’s available

It’s a fantastic collection with plenty to choose from including fiction and non-fiction, classic and modern. There are lots of Australian titles and some international ones, including books made into films. Indigenous and non-fiction titles are marked on the list of titles.

Some recent non-fiction additions are Any Ordinary Day by Leigh Sales and The Arsonist by Chloe Hooper author of The Tall Man. The Land Before Avocado by Richard Glover will make you laugh and cry, be angry and inspired and leave you wondering how bizarre things were in Australia, not so long ago. It’s about how far we’ve come and how far we could go.   

Above: Some of the non-fiction titles available.

Access to book club sets

To borrow, reserve your title from the online catalogue. We can’t guarantee a delivery date so selecting a title showing on shelf at Cannon Hill is the best way to receive a title urgently. The loan period is three months.

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