Coffee Cups, Books and LEGO MindStorms!

Image: James Collins from State Library of Queensland presenting the LEGO MindStorms Basics webinar

On Tuesday the traditional “Lights, Camera, Action” was replaced with Coffee Cups, Books and how to use a LEGO MindStorms kit. Seven libraries joined James Collins from Inclusive Communities in a webinar learning about combining LEGO elements such as lift arms, pins, motors and wheels into our very own basic vehicle, then moving over to the iPad, we coded it to drive around a coffee cup with the odd accidental wheelie. In the second half of the tutorial, we extended on our engineering skills and mastered using a touch sensor to navigate around a stack of books.

The LEGO MindStorms Basics webinar runs for an hour and a half and requires no previous experience in Coding and Robotics. Just bring your tablet, MindStorm kit and your inner child.

Coding and Robotics activities are important for children as technology becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, preparing them for the future workforce, inspiring creativity as well as developing practical and computational thinking skills. 

Previous recordings of this and other webinars, as well as upcoming webinars can be found on the PLConnect Training Calendar.