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It’s busy working in a library or an IKC and often hard to find time for your own training. A great way to develop the skills you need is with This resource has free access for State Library of Queensland, Queensland public library and IKC members. Use to learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.

There are courses to suit all levels of skill and interests. Choose from videos or courses. Watch the whole lot or just the bit you need. You can watch your chosen course all at once or as much as you want at any time. remembers your place.

Courses are broken down into chapters so you can choose the part that matches your requirements.

New courses to watch in your library

Here are some recent communication courses to help connect with your team, build trust and respect and develop strong and lasting relationships with your customers. illustration of woman pointing to a speech bubble
Communicating with Confidence by Jeff Ansell.

Working with others

• Communicate with Confidence by Jeff Ansell 1 hr 16 min Intermediate
• Leading with Kindness and Strength with GenConnect 40 min Intermediate
• Effective Listening with Brenda Bailey Hughes 1 hr Intermediate
• De-escalating Intense Situations with Myra Golden 50 min Advanced

Image of two woman looking at a laptop with a heart image in the background
Leading with Kindness and Strength

Customer service

• Quality Service in Customer Service Brad Cleveland 1 hr Intermediate
• Managing Customer Expectations for Frontline Employees Jeff Toister 20 min Intermediate
• Working with Upset Customers Jeff Toister 55 min Intermediate
• Customer Service Mastery: Delight every customer Chris Croft 2 hr Beginner

Person serving someone a cup of coffee
Customer Service Mastery: Delight Every customer.

• Creating Illustrator Infographics with Tony Harmer 2hrs 23 min Intermediate
• WordPress Advanced Custom Fields with Joe Casabona 1hr 30min Advanced
• Learning Zoom with Garrick Chow 45 min Beginner
• Designing a Presentation with Tony Harmer I hr Beginner
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