Audiobooks for your library

State Library of Queensland has audiobooks available for loan to Queensland public libraries and IKCs. We receive new titles regularly so if your collection needs updating why not request a refreshment? Simply complete the request form with your preferred genres and let selectors know who will be listening to these great titles.

The range of suppliers means your library members get the best choice. Suppliers include: Wavesound with stories written and narrated by Australian authors and actors, Bolinda, ABC, Lamplight, Clipper and more. Here is a new poster to promote Wavesound audiobooks.

Recent Australian titles

Above: Recent Australian fiction titles from Wavesound

Great range available
Romance, mystery, historical, adventure and general are some genres available. There are also plenty of award-winning titles including River of Salt by Dave Warner, Daughter of Bad Times by Rohan Wilson and Islands by Peggy Frew. Library members are sure to find something to suit them in the recently added titles.

Several formats to choose from

Above: Recently added international titles

Audiobooks are available in several formats including CDs, MP3 and Playaway. Playaway is a dedicated audio media player. One set of earphones and one AAA battery is required for listening. Playaway users can listen anywhere as there is no further equipment or power source required. Great for taking on a walk! Ask for your preferred formats to be included in your request or ask for a mix of formats. Your selection depends on availability. Visit the online catalogue to view the full list.

Above: Some of the formats available.

Adult non-fiction and titles for younger readers

Above: More than adult fiction titles available

Chloe Centre Stage by Holly Webb, Blood on the Tracks by Allan Clarke and Kochie’s 11-Step Money Plan by David Koch are some titles.

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