Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council digitises 1,500 historic images

The Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council, in partnership with State Library Queensland, has recently completed a Micro Grant Program allowing digitisation of nearly 1,500 historic images held by the Lutheran Church Archives in South Australia.

Hope Valley Aboriginal Mission Station (Muni Day), 1977
Hope Vale, Qld, 90th Anniversary celebrations of Hope Valley Aboriginal Mission Station (Muni Day), 1977 Courtesy Lutheran Archives

Dating from 1897, the images commemorate the history of the Guugu Yimithirr people and the building of the Hope Vale community, so is an important historical resource. With over 2,500 km separating Hope Vale’s remote Far North Queensland location from Adelaide, most of the community will have access to these images for the very first time!

Access to the images is currently available through the Hope Vale Indigenous Knowledge Centre (Nganthaanun-Milbi \ Guugu Magubadaaygu), with further plans to provide online access through our partnership with State Library.

About the author

Mark Trichet is the Community & Recreation Facilities Manager for Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council.