Has your library considered a Queensland Government sponsorship?

Photo by Aranxa Esteve on Unsplash

Sponsorship is available to businesses, associations, local councils and not-for-profits to deliver significant initiatives and events in Queensland that help:
• create jobs in a strong economy
• give all our children a great start
• keep Queenslanders healthy
• keep communities safe
• protect the Great Barrier Reef
• be a responsive government.

To apply you will also need to show how your initiative or event:
• aligns with current government objectives
• delivers economic benefits
• leverages opportunities for government.

And, that you have the organisational capability to successfully deliver the initiative or event.

Applications will be assessed for their strategic merit and alignment to the selection criteria, and current government objectives. Consideration will also be given to local needs, emerging issues, and alternate sources of funding.

The Queensland Government is committed, wherever possible, to sponsoring events that consider gender and cultural diversity, preference to Queensland suppliers, source and profile Queensland talent and produce, and implement environmentally sustainable practices.

In your application you will also need to supply information about:
• your business, association, local council or group
• the initiative or event details
• comprehensive budget information
• marketing and communications strategies or plans
• any matters that may impact the sponsorship decision.

Sponsorship applications can be made at any time; however, it is recommended applications requesting funding of $10,000 (excluding GST) or more, submit a minimum of eight months prior to the event.

For sponsorship applications requesting funding of under $10,000 (excluding GST), submit a minimum of four months prior to the event.

It may take up to four months to receive a response to your application.

If you are looking to deliver an initiative or event that meets these criteria, you can apply online.

For further information, to see if your initiative or event would be applicable, or to see how you could promote this to businesses, associations and not-for-profits in your community, contact Events Coordination, Department of the Premier and Cabinet:

Telephone: (07) 3003 9200
Email: sponsorship@premiers.qld.gov.au or visit the website.