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Image by Aaron Yoo (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Musical members of your library may benefit from access to the State Library’s online music database.

For music students, teachers and parents of students, finding music can be tricky. Finding sheet music is even more of a challenge. Currently music students have a few options – go to libraries, buy online, prowl second hand stores, or maybe the occasional book sale event. Options are limited.

State Library provides access to a unique database, Music Online. This is a music database which includes sheet music, video, audio and reference material. It’s the perfect tool for musicians, music students and general music lovers.

Browse the database by genres, performers composers and more. The database is great for new music students who aren’t certain where they should start; it lists all the details of pieces that are available, making referencing or finding other similar works a simple task.

The music genres and styles available on music online are also quite vast. Choir pieces, contemporary, jazz, pop, classical, film and many more.

If none of these genres catch your interest, there are other subsets of the databases which focus on specific types of music, as well as dance and theatre resources.

To access the database, your library patrons will need to be a member of the State Library, which is available to all Queensland residents regardless of location.

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By guest blogger, Estelle Bond, fieldwork student and Elli Torres, Librarian, Information Services,  State Library of Queensland. This post was originally featured on SLQ Today