Lockyer Valley Libraries revitalised

In 2018-19 the Lockyer Valley Libraries commenced a refurbishment project to revitalise the Gatton Library and supply some additional features to the Laidley library. After engaging Kevin Hennah to assess the libraries, he presented a plan to staff to re-evaluate and update the visual appeal of the library by adding colour, signage and new furniture.

The Gatton Library opened ten years ago and needed an update as the furniture was outdated and in need of replacement. The project also allowed the Laidley Library to install face-out shelves.

The project commenced with a repaint to brighten the surroundings. Once this was completed new front out display shelves and end bay panels were purchased to create a more user-friendly experience and provide opportunities for customers to see covers rather than spines of books. Wall discs and signage on shelves were also installed throughout the library.

New furniture has also been purchased and is now installed. This has added much needed additional colour to our library space plus we have more seating, tables and nooks for people to read, research and relax.

Our customers are enjoying the face-out shelving and finding it much easier to see titles they may not have discovered otherwise. A few regulars are reminiscing over their old favourite comfy seats that they coveted, though deep down, secretly enjoying the new furniture and the bright atmosphere.

This refurbishment could not have happened without the ability to direct part of our Public Library Grant to the refurbishment through the Library Priority Project (LPP) process.

About the author
Sue Banff is the Coordinator Gatton Library (Lockyer Valley Libraries).

About Library Priority Projects
Independent public libraries can apply for LPPs. Applications must be submitted to State Library for approval prior to the project commencing, including how the library collection will continue to be developed with a smaller proportion of funding. More information is available on Public Libraries Connect.