#1Lib1Ref 2020 is your chance to add to Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world with almost 6 million articles in English. The Wikimedia Foundation launches the fifth One Librarian One Reference (#1Lib1Ref). #1Lib1Ref 2020 from 15 January – 5 February 2020.

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1Lib1Ref calls on every librarian on earth to add a reference to the Wikipedia article of their choice and help improve the verifiability of Wikipedia articles and have a practical impact on the sum of all human knowledge.

English Wikipedia alone has over 380,000 citation needed statements, and 210,000 articles with no references at all.

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Man using Wikipedia. Photo by Lucian Novosel on Unsplash

How to get involved
Librarians can be individually involved in adding references or set up workshops or events on the subject to raise awareness and teach users to source articles.

Why get involved?

The Wikimedia Foundation estimates that if each librarian spent 15 minutes to add a source to an article with a ” reference needed” banner, it would be possible to improve the reliability of 350,000 articles.

Librarians should get involved to:

• improve the quality and reliability of Wikipedia articles, and improve access to information for library users
• contribute to the discovery of books, authors sometimes little known in specific fields
• help your users learn about references and sources and encourage them to get involved in Wikipedia.

Join the 1Lib1Ref campaign and help provide free reliable information for library patrons and researchers around the world.

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