Harmony Day celebrates diversity

Australia is a fast changing, ever-expanding, culturally diverse nation with more than 6 million Australians born overseas. Over 300 separately identified languages are spoken in Australian homes and we have more than 120 different religious denominations, each with 250 or more followers. (ABS 2016 Census Multicultural)

Text - The message of Harmony is Everyone belongs. Chalkboard drawing of stick figures and speech bubbles with the words 'hello' in various languages.

Harmony Day on 21 March is the chance for all Australians to celebrate our diversity and the successful integration of migrants into our community. Harmony Day is about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background, united by a set of core Australian values.

How to celebrate?
Getting involved can be as simple as hosting an event or attending a local celebration. The ‘Get involved ‘ page has more information.

The Harmony Day Facebook page has more ideas and simple ways to celebrate our diversity every day. Get connected to your Harmony Week community today on Facebook: HarmonyDayAUS

Event ideas
Bringing communities together through sport, food, music and entertainment plays an important role in promoting our cultural diversity. Think about holding one of the following events or one tailored to your community.

• Food Festival
• Vine competition
• Diversity concert
• Photography competition
• Sports event
• And more!

Event ideas with collection items
Why not display a range of Language Other than English (LOTE) items, show some Kanopy films or promote the more than 7,000 publications, from over 120 countries and 60+ languages available for State Library of Queensland members via Press Display?

Free resources you can print include posters, invitations, certificates, as well as social media items such as Snapchat geofilter, Instaframes, web banners and more. There are also event planning and online promotion kits. Visit the website now to find out how you can get involved in spreading the message of harmony.

Register your event

Register your event at harmony.gov.au. It’s easy and you can receive free promotional products to help you celebrate your event e.g. balloons, posters, flags, ribbons, etc.

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