Safer Internet Day has great tips and resources

Safer Internet Day is a worldwide event that raises awareness about online safety and encourages everyone to help create a better internet. This year’s theme is Together for a better Internet.

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The eSafety Commissioner is responsible for managing and promoting Safer Internet Day in Australia. In 2019, a record 500+ Safer Internet Day champions helped spread critical online safety skills to over 10 million Australians. Check out the highlights from Safer Internet Day 2019.

Plan your celebration
Here are some great ideas to help spread the word about esafety:
• Host a Safer Internet Day event, deck out your foyer, or organise a morning tea.
• Have your organisation’s CEO fill in an eSafety tip bubble template with a pledge showing “How we are making the Internet a safer place!”
• Have your leader deliver a Safer Internet Day video message for staff and customers.
• Share your staff’s best online safety tips through your social media channels – there are examples in the promotion kit — and use the eSafety tips tagging @eSafetyOffice.
• Ask students or young children to design a Safer Internet Day poster or festival for
The website has more celebration ideas for families, schools and the businesses.

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Individuals, businesses, not for profit organisations, schools and early learning services are encouraged to become 2020 Safer Internet Day champions and help create a better internet for everyone.

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Free resources
eSafety’s ideas and resources can help improve the online safety of the students, young children and your community, not just on Safer Internet Day but every day of the year. Resources include, Conversation starters; Event posters, Newsletter articles to share, logos, webinars, email signatures and more. There are resources kits especially for:
Business community

Text in a speech bubble: Start the chat before someone else does. Teenager taking a selfie with an adult in the background looking concerned.
Visit the link for resources for Families for a range of useful tips and links.

Free webinars
Families can join a free webinar 11 – 14 February to find out all you need to know about safety. Visit the resources page for the webinar that suits your child. Sessions cover:
• ideas to start the chat about harmful content, relationships and online harassment
• strategies for addressing common digital challenges
• online wellbeing strategies
• how to get help if things go wrong

Online safety hub
You can find ongoing support and information from resources listed on the Safer Internet Day page and on the eSafety Commissioner website all year round. The safety hub includes:
Parents and carers pages, including lots of tips for helping your child have safe, enjoyable experiences online.
• Safety pages developed for kids and young people.

Parents guide to online safety booklet, available in multiple languages.
eSafety guide on the games and apps your child might be using.
• a Family Tech Agreement to help avoid ‘tech tantrums’ in your home
• Advice about how to choose good online content,
step by step guide to reporting different types of online abuse.

Help your community get safer online by joining Safer Internet Day.