High five Public Libraries!

First 5 Forever Evaluation Report

First5Forever is creating  positive change for Queensland children under 5 and their families. Findings from a report conducted by Morris Hargreaves McIntyre indicate the early success of this initiative and confirm the important role libraries play in our community and how, together, we are creating a significant legacy for Queensland families. The report highlighted key … Read more

Free subscription to Informed Librarian Online!

Staying informed online

Informed Librarian Online (ILO) is a service for library staff to keep up-to-date with professional reading and librarianship. Each month Informed Librarian Online delivers content from over 290 domestic and foreign library and information-related journals and more! It is an easy way to stay informed about library trends, and is a respected source of professional … Read more

Much more than creativity

Baby Rhyme Time

Pick up any library brochure or log on to any libraries’ social media page and you’re sure to find a myriad of creative activity on offer. Photo and video editing, 3D printing, computer programming, website creation, digital music recording, electronic circuitry, painting, colouring – the list goes on. Libraries are, and have long been, hotspots … Read more