Pacific Manuscripts Bureau – Information about the Pacific Islands at State Library of Queensland

South Sea Islanders, recruited for the Queensland canefields, being carried in boats to the Para Image number: 65320 John Oxley Library

Queensland and the Pacific Islands have much in common historically. The importation of Pacific Island labourers into Queensland has created strong bonds between Queensland and the islands. However, trade between the islands and Australia has also created a network of interrelationships as has our war time experiences. Do you want to read business records from … Read more

BrisMakerFest: Tom Allen

Tom Allen BrisMakerFest

Queensland’s ‘maker’ culture is a growing force and will be explored at BrisMakerFest when international and local ‘makers’ and designers take over SLQ, The Edge on Saturday 3 June to share their knowledge and skills. At the BrisMakerFest, hear from Tom Allen who is an award-winning design strategist and social entrepreneur working passionately on projects … Read more

Paro in the Corner

Small child gives Paro a kiss

Since February the Digital Futures Lab has been home to Paro, the therapeutic seal. Paro is an interactive robot designed to administer the benefits of animal therapy for aged and special care environments, improving the socialisation of patients and caregivers and significantly reducing loneliness and stress. With five sensors (tactile, light, auditory, temperature, and posture) … Read more