Mystery Photos on Flickr

There are many photographs in the State Library of Queensland’s collection with unidentified people, places and times. To solve some of the mysteries associated with these photos, we’ve uploaded a whole Flickr set of unidentified/un-located images to see if people in the community might be able to add more detail.

Horseriders outside a Queenslander home in Kilcoy, undated.

The Mystery Photo set has been a popular addition to The Commons on Flickr. This image of the horse riders in Kilcoy, bearing no indentified people or date has already been viewed on Flickr over 1050 times (record stats!). We’re hoping people in the Kilcoy community will be able to identify the street and the building if it is still standing, or even the two people in the foreground. Note: a lady and  two children also on the verandah.

Some detective work has also taken place a photograph of an unidentified ‘Queensland aviatrix’. No town or name has been supplied in the description, although we have a date – ca. 1935.

Unidentified Queensland aviatrix, ca. 1935

We put a call-out on Flickr and one of our volunteers wrote:
“For what it’s worth, the VH registration looks like VH-UHQ. Which takes me to these two links: edcoatescollection1. The aircraft was later re-registered as VH-AAQ – the story is here  edcoatescollection2. The ladies name is mentioned as a Miss Betty Faux.
The majority of aircraft in Australia’s early years were registered VH-U followed by two other letters.
Here’s the Trove image and article for Miss Betty Faux

Morning Bulletin Monday 24 December 1945

This would have been a tragic ending to a very talented lady. What do you think? Are the two women in these photographs the same person, only ten or so years apart? If you have any more information we welcome your comments on the Flickr image itself or here on the blog.

More mystery images can be found via our Pitch In! project page.
We’d like to think that people in these images haven’t been forgotten, but are remembered by their living relatives and awaiting discovery.