Share your story

State Library of Queensland wants to hear your stories about life in Brisbane from 1945–75.

This was a period of dramatic change when our city embraced the international modernist ideals and aesthetics, and started to take its place on the world stage.

As part of the upcoming Hot Modernism exhibition, we’re going to turn some of your stories and memories into song to capture the essence of this important era. The songs will be performed at SLQ events and posted on our website and through other digital media.

Chocolate wheel at the Red Cross Fete, Government House, Brisbane, 1940

Do you have stories to share about:

  • your house / apartment, the rooms in which you lived, where you slept, where you dined, what you ate, what you drank, events held in the home, family activities, the neighbourhood, the neighbours, the diverse cultures, pets, smells, sounds, etc.
  • your schools, colleges, universities, teachers, books, exams, sports, pranks, friends, enemies, classrooms, subjects, etc.
  • Entertainment: venues, memorable events, heroes, music, theatre, film, books, sports, etc.
  • Places of worship you visited for events or special occasions
  • World affairs which had an influence on you / your family e.g. inventions, conflicts, tragedies, celebrations, speeches, etc.

Your stories could be funny, serious, long or short. They will help us understand the rich tapestry of life in Brisbane at that time and to this day.

You can submit stories and/or photos to, via the comments section in this blog, on the SLQ Facebook page or book a time to share your story directly with the composer on Thursday 22 May, from 10am.

Rowing eight at boat ramp, Brisbane, 1947