Banish school holiday boredom with Tumblebooks!

When the refrain “I’m bored” starts up, and it’s too hot to go outside, it’s time for Tumblebooks.

This delightful online library has been created especially for children, but will be greatly appreciated by parents, carers and teachers as well.

The site’s simple and inviting menus can be navigated easily by children (and adults!) and provides tremendous options for entertainment, learning and playtime. Storybooks and chapter books can be read onscreen with or without accompanying audio, and a large selection of National Geographic videos covering topics such as animals, nature, science, history, technology, space and geography will entertain and inform.

Tumblebook Library menu. Image from

Tumblebook Library menu. Image from

There are also puzzles, games, books in other languages (with a particularly wide selection of books in French and Spanish), graphic novels, maths stories and tunes to engage children from toddlers through their upper primary years.

Books can be selected by browsing covers or by searching keywords, title, author, language, publisher, illustrator, reading level or books with videos. You can also set up playlists, lists of your favourites, and use the “my cloud” function to retrieve your favourites from anywhere in the world. Readers can also write book reports or read reviews.

Tumblebooks provides educational entertainment for little ones, and enrichment for students who are already reading independently. Exercises can build reading and spelling skills, and can be used by teachers for class work and to help develop the abilities and enjoyment of reading for individual students.

Tumblebooks is a valuable resource for students using the Accelerated Reader program, with a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books up to AR level 8.6. As any parent of an AR reader will know, it’s great to be able to search and access AR books from home – and you eliminate any risk of losing the book!

Tumblebook Library logo. Image from

Tumblebook Library logo. Image from

State Library members can access Tumblebooks in the library or at home through our One Search catalogue, by clicking Select databases, then choosing Tumblebooks from the alphabetical list.

You can also access it through our Resources – Children and families webpage, and explore some of the other great resources for children there.

To sign up for free membership, visit SLQ’s online membership page.

Happy holiday reading!