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Scandal, Marriages and Merriment: Discover your ancestors in the 19th Century British Newspapers Database

19th Century British Newspaper database search screen

With slippers and a cup of tea, sitting by the fire, our British ancestors devoured newspapers. What scandal and colourful stories awaited them?  What more will you find in 19th century newspapers? Finding details about the everyday lives of your British ancestors can be challenging.   Births, deaths and marriages are discovered easily, but are there more … Read more

Ryerson Index: free, growing and invaluable for the family history researcher

Ryerson Index banner.

What is The Ryerson Index? It’s a free online index to death, funeral, probate and obituary notices appearing in newspapers throughout Australia. This valuable genealogical resource is named after Joyce Ryerson, who inadvertently created it when she started compiling death, funeral and obituary notices from the Sydney Morning Herald on a daily basis. Her aim … Read more

Go deeper with Pokémon – stories and inspiration from our collections


As the Pokémon Go phenomenon gets players to catch Pokémon in the real world, long-time fan and SLQ Creative-in-Residence Matt Finch reminisces about his favourite Pokémon episodes and their connection to myths and stories in our collections. “Pokémon is a twenty-year-old franchise with its own cartoons and backstory. Get to know the characters, know their world, and check out … Read more

Digital stories teach global themes

Story of Selvammal by Alexandra Toohey and Tahlia Lymbery.

Cultural diversity. Poverty. Pollution. Bullying. Violence. If you are studying or teaching any of these global themes, digital stories created by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) pre-service teachers provide excellent stimulus material. Developed in collaboration with State Library of Queensland (SLQ) as part of The Global Teacher subject, the digital stories have been released under … Read more