Pink Cadillac and craft now in The Parlour

If your children like craft, stamping and interactive activities, why not join us in the Parlour for all of these? There’s a super-sized model of a Cadillac for children to play in, and it’s pink! The Cadillac is in The Parlour at State Library of Queensland from 31 December to 27 January 2019 from 10 am to 3pm daily. This installation is part of the Summer Festival Art + Stories + Play  It’s free for all ages. No bookings required.

The pink Cadillac now in The Parlour at State Library.

Home Exhibition on now

The Cadillac is inspired by the State Library exhibition Home: a suburban obsession. Entrepreneurial couple Frank and Eunice Corley drove the suburban streets of Queensland in their pink Cadillac, taking over 1 million black and white photographs of Queensland houses and selling them to homeowners.  More than 60,000 of these photos are now at State Library.

Craft stations

The Cadillac experience includes craft stations for children to stamp a drawing of their dream home. Stamps are crafted to reflect the design elements in the Home Exhibition.

Children can use the breeze block, picket fence, brick and cornice stamps to design their own home to add colour to the Cadillac Collection. Young artists are encouraged to glue their finished pieces to the Cadillac. Don’t stop there! Encourage your young designers to get creative.

A young designer creating her own piece of the Cadillac Collection.

The Cadillac interactive installation is created by artist Sue Loveday. In the tradition of the Australian dream of a house, a car and a couple of dogs, Sue created some canine craft stations based on her friends’ dogs.

Go inside the Cadillac and find yourself on camera. Create your own Cadillac TV.

Summer Festival is bursting with fabulous imaginative fun for children, young people and families.  Check out the program to select the activities that suit you. For more information please contact Young People and Families on 3840 7927 or email