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Get Online Week 2018: increase your cyber safety confidence with the Be Connected program

As more and more things in life move online, from social and leisure opportunities, to accessing day to day services, it is increasingly important to feel confident and savvy in using devices to get online. For those new to technology and the digital world, the initial curve of learning to, say, shop online is liberating … Read more

Meet Lifestyle Ambassador — Margi Brown-Ash Margi is a multi-award winning theatre maker, therapist, educator, researcher, writer, facilitator and coach. She recently created a trilogy of plays about belonging, home and connection. Margi uses art and creative processes to coach artists and organisations through change processes, developing greater resilience and more sustainable and healthy lifestyles ( This year Margi has … Read more

Meet Lifestyle Ambassador — Maha Sinnathamby @MahaSinnathamby Maha is a Brisbane-based entrepreneur who cites Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda as his inspirations and is the visionary behind the ‘World’s Best Master Planned Community’, Greater Springfield, as awarded by the International Real Estate Federation. Maha has himself said on many an occasion, “I have learnt far, far more from my failures … Read more

Young writers find their voice at State Library’s second Young Writers Conference

On Sunday 22 July, 100 young writers gathered at State Library of Queensland for the second ever Young Writers Conference, and the 2018 Young Writers Award ceremony. While the Young Writers Award is now in its 22nd year, the Young Writers Conference is a recent initiative developed by State Library’s Reading and Writing team. A day-long … Read more

What the Commonwealth should do (and not do) to drive improvement in school education

The Grattan Institute’s next event examines the big state government reforms in school education and what the Commonwealth’s role should be within the reform picture.               The Commonwealth’s role in schooling is topical given it recently commissioned a review on ways to achieve excellence in Australian schools (known as … Read more