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Faradaya splendida

Have you ever wondered what that exuberant scrambling vine growing against the northern face of the State Library is? Its correct botanical name is Faradaya splendida (family Lamiaceae ). Faradaya after the English physicist Michael Faraday; splendida for the glossy sheen of its large dark- green leaves; Lamiaceae, curiously, because its flower structure conforms to … Read more

The notorious Ly-ee-moon

Ly-ee-moon remodelled for the Australian route  State Library of Queensland Neg no: 132957

The Ly-ee-moon was a fast vessel with elegant lines and a beautiful interior. She was a favoured means of travel on the Australian east coast run, usually with a full complement of passengers. The maritime writer Dickson Gregory, in Australian Steamships: past and present, claimed, however, that in the end, no ship ever eclipsed her … Read more