Bush Picnic

Jensen girls at Bundamba Creek 1953

When I was at primary school in the early 1950’s, we lived on the corner of Ruskin and Minnis Streets in Eastern Heights, Ipswich, in a house my father was building himself at weekends and after work.  The streets were unmade dirt tracks, and the view from our front steps was across paddocks to Mt … Read more

The Wisdom of Tea

Tea is the beverage of wisdom, wisdom that has brewed in Chinese dynasties, infused in royal courts; it has a wisdom steeped with magical and mystical properties.  The leaf with world wide appeal, chaa has an impressive history and is still key in many present day recommendations and cure all’s.  My parents were most enthusiastic … Read more


Noritake tea cups and saucers

Some tea cups are for everyday and some are for special occasions. Four years ago, a good friend called on the mobile.  She was outside and wanted to tell me about a Youth Cultural Program.  Inside, over a cup of tea, served in my best Noritake cups, Pat Waldby explained that a ship for World … Read more